Right Solution, Smart Savings

Managed Disaster Recovery Service

Organizations no longer require to have high capital investment on Disaster Recovery.

Managed Service Approach

  • Nowadays, Disaster Recovery can be improved through a managed service approach.
  • Whatever your data protection needs, we'll start by understanding your applications and recovery goals.
  • We'll give you a customized proposal with flexible options that will make disaster recovery a realistic capability for your organization.
  • We are here to help to eliminate the high failure rates of traditional backup and shorten your RPO and RTO for both system and entire site.

Failure in IT is very costly!

  • Your operations would come to a halt, and if valuable data are lost, you would be spending a lot of resources trying to rebuild those lost information.
  • In any case, it is a great financial lost to your company.

Business Continuity Strategy

  • If your business doesn’t have a solid disaster recovery plan to ensure your business can continue to work, or you don’t have the confidence to know how that plan is going to be implemented, then we suggest that you need a bit of help to put all of this in place to rationalize your business continuity strategy.
  • We can help you in the formulating of the disaster recovery plan, and support you in time of disaster.
  • We also provide data recovery services on failed storage device, provide standby hardware and services required to revive business operations within the shortest span of time.

Disaster Recovery covers many different options and solutions.

We are here to look at what you have, how it is used, what the goal is and then to make recommendations based on your priorities.