Replace Microsoft TMG with Sangfor IAM

18 Aug 2017

Microsoft TMG (aka Forefront Threat Management Gateway) was discontinued in 2012, and mainstream support was stopped in 2015. It was one of the most popular gateway software and with its discontinuation, it left many organizations struggling to find a new solution to replace it.


SANGFOR IAM (Internet Access Management) has been listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways (SWG) for 6th consecutive year. Make no mistake, Sangfor IAM is more than just a Secure Web Gateway: It is a complete solution that allow customers to take full control and have full visibility of their network.

Like TMG, Sangfor IAM also provides web proxy services such as content & URL filtering, but also additional features such as the best of breed user & application control, user authentication, bandwidth management, content audit & log, reporting tools, etc. By replacing your TMG with Sangfor IAM, you get something much better!



Before being able to control your users, you need to identify them on your network. However, with more and more employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) to the work place, it is becoming harder for the IT team to keep up.

Sangfor IAM provides one of the largest choice of authentication methods and it can be synchronized with your existing database through Radius, SSO, AD, etc. Moreover, wireless users also have the possibility to authenticate through WeChat, Facebook and also self-register themselves through a portal.


SANGFOR IAM is built with an URL & application database, which can help IT administrators to effectively control user’s online behavior by setting specific policies.

At the moment, Sangfor IAM has more than 2900+ applications in its database, including 220+ Cloud applications, 700+ Mobile applications and 300+ Web applications, with a dedicated R&D team updating the database on a regular basis.

You can decide which application can be used on the network, how much bandwidth it can use and when it can be used. You are in total control of your network!


You can choose how much bandwidth you want to assign to a user or a group of users. This is typically the case in large organizations where users will be assigned lower bandwidth usage according to their job responsibilities and guarantee that the management team has priority.

The dynamic traffic control feature of Sangfor IAM also let you automatically adjust your bandwidth policies to use idle bandwidth whenever available to avoid a waste of bandwidth.

Another great feature of Sangfor IAM is the Intelligent P2P Traffic Control. Traditional bandwidth management tool often cannot fully restrict and control P2P traffic due to traffic coming through UDP protocol. Sangfor developed a technology that can accurately restrict P2P traffic and avoid any bandwidth abuse.


As opposed to TMG, Sangfor IAM allows users to have a full visibility of the network with content audit and log to comply with local laws. With the included reporting tools, users can fully customize their reports to make it easier for the IT team to report to the management team. The self-generated reports such as URL & Application Traffic Ranking can be automatically send by email to the IT team for more convenience.


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